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    2016/17 year end – tax changes for individuals

    Posted by Northadvisory on June 7, 2017

    As 30 June 2017 is fast approaching, we have briefly summarised the important tax changes to remember when collating your tax information.

    Travel deduction for residential rental property

    The 2017 financial year will be the last year an individual can claim a deduction for travel to their residential rental property.

    This rule is still subject to being passed as legislation. However, to avoid any disappointment a landlord may look to move forward an inspection to before 30 June 2017 to be assured a deduction will be allowed. All regular rules still apply until 30 June 2017 in regards to substantiation.

    Plant and equipment deductions to be changed after 30 June 2017

    Deductions for plant and equipment depreciation on residential property will only be allowed on actual purchases from 1 July 2017. That is, plant and equipment purchased with the property (ie remaining fixtures) will not be allowed a deduction, generally appearing on a Quantity Surveyor’s report.

    For property held before 9 May 2017 (budget night), it is advised that a Quantity Surveyor’s report is prepared for the year ending 30 June 2017. Note: there are no changes to the current Division 43 capital works provisions.

    Temporary budget repair levy

    The 2016/17 income year is the final year of the Temporary budget repair levy, which is an additional 2% levy for individuals with taxable income over $180,000.

    Following 1 July 2017, the highest marginal rate of taxation is 47% being the 45% marginal rate plus 2% Medicare levy. This also applies for Fringe benefits tax.

    Main residence exemption still applies for foreign residents

    Clients who are foreign residents may want to consider the change in capital gains tax rules that will apply from now until 30 June 2019.

    For foreign residents who held a main residence (or “absence rule” main residence) at 9 May 2017, the exemption from capital gains tax will be removed after 30 June 2019. It is also worth noting that foreign residents do not get access to the general discount either.

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