Accounting for Engineering

As engineers, you immerse yourself in technical details all day, every day. Accuracy is essential for every task you undertake. Problem-solving is in your nature.

But when it comes to business finances and managing accounts, engineers often feel overwhelmed, especially if they have no prior experience in accounting. And when you look at the industry complexities, it’s easy to see why.

The propensity for irregular work cycles within the engineering sector means that cash flow often fluctuates, creating headaches and questions for engineering companies.

Business owners also must oversee everything from project tracking and management to ensuring payroll is set up correctly and employment responsibilities are being met. Not to mention all the compliance requirements and industry regulations to stay on top of.

A comprehensive accounting solution for engineers

Here at North Advisory, we take care of the numbers for you by providing tailored accounting services for engineering and design firms to help relieve the pressure associated with that kind of complex financial management.

We have extensive experience in tax and regulatory compliance and can guide you with strategic financial advice, integrated tech support and long-term plans to help you reach your business goals.

But while our solution is comprehensive and unique to you, our accounting service is simplified and streamlined: our clients don’t pay for unnecessary features or add-ons just to access the help they want.

We know which accounting systems work best for engineering and design professionals, and we can seamlessly install the necessary software for your firm.

  • We tailor your system to meet your business needs, managing complex areas such as payroll, including varying award rates for different staff members and dealing with subcontractors.
  • We set up the company back end for you, to ensure everything flows, including connectivity and links to your bank accounts, the ATO and other relevant governing bodies.
  • We provide guidance and advice on the areas where your engineering business can improve, potential risks to watch out for and strategic methods to optimise your growth and achieve business goals.
Our experts have the answers

Our experts have the answers

When you work with North Advisory, you’re working directly with Marius Fourie, Director and Business Advisor, who excels in creating strong professional relationships and communicating complex accounting topics in a way that makes them easy to understand.

This direct access becomes an invaluable support to our engineering clients who can get the answers to challenging questions, like:

  • What financial metrics do I need to track to maintain profitability?
  • How can I effectively manage costs like equipment rentals, materials and subcontractors?
  • What’s the best accounting method for my business to forecast budget and cash flow?
Save time and gain peace of mind

Save time and gain peace of mind

North Advisory accounting services support engineering businesses through every stage of growth.

We identify ideal ways for your company to develop and improve, maximising performance and easing the headaches that come with running a business.

Existing clients can also opt to access our wealth management services, working alongside Director and Wealth Advisory, Cayle Petritsch.

Cayle supports our clients in growing and stabilising their personal finances through SMSF/superannuation managementasset protection services and other ideal options.

To find out more about how our accounting services can save you time and give you much-needed financial confidence, contact us today.

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