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    Accounting for Tech Companies

    Technology moves quickly. Every day, innovative entrepreneurs are developing new ideas, and businesses in the tech sector have the potential for rapid expansion. But with that unbridled growth comes the possibility for some major accounting headaches if the finances are not managed appropriately.

    Here at North Advisory, we can help you harness your tech and digital business potential and set you up for an impressive future.

    Whether you are developing software, involved in digital production, experts in web design, apps, gaming or even fintech, we can support you with our tailored accounting for tech companies.

    Structure and systems

    Structure and systems

    Like all growing businesses, tech companies rely on a solid foundation to make sure they are prepared for the unexpected. While some industries have the ability to forecast their sales or plan their production runs, tech and digital based businesses can experience tumultuous changes throughout their lives.

    If you developed an app that suddenly exploded in popularity, how would your business deal with a significant influx of capital? Having the right structure and systems in place from the beginning is critical.

    We have the knowledge and experience to make sure you are ready for anything… whether increased investment or additional expenses, your processes will withstand fluctuations.

    Access to grants

    Access to grants

    With so much work in the tech-space focused on innovation, it’s crucial that you maximise your potential to secure government grants. The Australian Government’s R&D Tax Incentive (R&DTI) is an excellent opportunity for your business to access financial incentives to create new, groundbreaking technology.

    Plus, you might also be eligible for Austrade’s Export Market Development Grants (EMDG). This program is designed to help Australian businesses expand into the international market, and it offers you the chance for global success.

    Our business advisory services are invaluable when determining potential eligibility and making sure your processes meet all requirements.

    Managing business capital

    Managing business capital

    Financial insight is at the centre of your business success. In the fast paced world of tech development, it’s essential that you have up to date information about your business capital in order to make important decisions quickly.

    We can help you create meaningful reports that provide you a true understanding of your performance, guiding you as you take the next steps in your commercial evolution.

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