Accounting for Tech Companies

Technology moves quickly. Every day, innovative entrepreneurs are developing new ideas, and businesses in the tech sector have the potential for rapid expansion.

But with that unbridled growth comes the possibility of major accounting headaches if finances are not managed appropriately.

North Advisory helps business owners harness the potential of their tech company and set them on the path to growth.

Whether you are developing software, involved in digital production, or are an expert in web design, apps, gaming or even fintech, we can support you with our tailored accounting services for tech companies.

Integrated structures and systems

Integrated structures and systems

Like all growing businesses, tech companies rely on a solid foundation to make sure they are prepared for the unexpected.

While some industries have the ability to forecast their sales or plan their production runs, tech and digital-based businesses can experience tumultuous changes that make it challenging to predict revenue and forecasting.

Things happen fast in tech. Business owners need to make sure they have the right accounting structures and integrated systems in place to properly manage any significant or unexpected growth.

Our finance experts have the knowledge and experience to help you save on costs and resources and strengthen your company for long-term stability.

Advice, answers and access to grants

Advice, answers and access to grants

With so much work in the tech space focused on innovation, it’s crucial to stay on top of any available government grants and funding that can help increase your potential for success.

North Advisory will provide you with relevant opportunities and guidance on assessing your eligibility for grant funding.

You’ll also have direct access to Marius Fourie, Director and Business Advisor, who will work alongside you on business goals and answer any questions you might have like:

  • Are there tax and accounting implications for subscription-based business models like SaaS?
  • How do I establish proper methods of depreciation for software and hardware?
  • What are the best ways to account for revenue from licensing IP or other tech?
Managing business capital

Managing business capital

Financial insight is at the centre of business success. In the fast-paced world of tech development, it’s essential to have up-to-date information about everything from profit and loss to available capital in order to make important decisions quickly.

You’ll receive direct access to experts, essential reporting, forecasts and data and a tailored, agile accounting process that works in collaboration with your company and saves you hours of time on accounts each month.

Existing clients can also opt to access our wealth management services, working alongside Director and Wealth Advisory, Cayle Petritsch. Cayle supports our clients in growing and stabilising their personal finances through SMSF/superannuation managementasset protection services and other ideal options.

Contact us today to start your tech company on the path to business success.

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