Which accounting software is best suited to your business?

Any business owner knows the struggle of trying to Google your way to find the best software to support you and your growing business.

Luckily, when it comes to accounting software, amongst all the different options, there’s one stand-out choice that helps you win every time.

That choice is Xero.

Packed with high-value features for business owners

Packed with high-value features for business owners

We understand the need for things to be easy in business.

Between all the daily tasks and decisions you need to make, you don’t have time to learn a whole new set of skills to manage software (unless that’s your business, of course!).

Easy to use
That’s why one of the things we love most about Xero is that it’s easy to use. It has an intuitive interface, meaning you don’t need to be a finance expert to make it work.

Xero is also an affordable accounting solution for business owners, whether you’re a sole trader, small business or enterprise.

Xero offers flexibility that we, as accountants, love seeing. The ability to customise views, reporting and dashboards means you can tailor them to suit your unique business and quickly gain a high-level overview of your financial performance.

High-level compliance support

Maintaining compliance in business can be a headache to handle on your own.

The complexity of regulations that apply to your specific business and your industry, as well as the risk of penalties if you get it wrong, create challenges that only get bigger if you’re not able to get on top of them – and quickly.

Xero’s capacity to support you with compliance is priceless, empowering you to:

  • Set up automatic tax calculations based on your information, so you don’t need to calculate anything yourself
  • Receive reminders about filing requirements and tax deadlines, helping you avoid late filing penalties
  • Easily generate reports required to file your taxes each financial year

Xero also offers a range of valuable resources and guides to help you with anything you get stuck on, so you’re building your financial literacy skills at the same time.

Endless integrations and bank-grade security

Endless integrations and bank-grade security

Each piece must talk to one another among all the other tools and software you might use for business.

Otherwise, you may find you’re lacking insight and struggle to gain a clear overview of where your business is at any one time.

That’s why the opportunity to integrate all your different channels and feeds directly into your Xero is highly valuable.

Whether you’re using Square, Stripe, or PayPal or offering monthly subscriptions, one-off invoicing and everything in between, you can feed all your streams into Xero.

Integration makes it easy to reconcile your bank transactions (whether you’re doing it yourself or it’s part of your accounting service).

As Xero contains private data and confidential payment information, security is essential.

Xero is built on secure software with bank-grade data encryption techniques, meaning it’s next to impossible to suffer from data loss or breaches.

Sounds nice, but how will it actually help me?

We hear you. These features sound nice, sure. But how do they translate into tangible benefits? Well, we’ve identified four key benefits that we hear time and time again.

1. Saves you time and money
Xero lets you cut costs and get more time back in your calendar by automating accounting processes that you would otherwise need to do manually.

As a business owner, you’re better off spending your time elsewhere. The opportunity to automate means you don’t need to hire support to do things Xero can do for you.

2. Improves your efficiency
Businesses are only as successful as they are efficient. Without a clear oversight of financial performance, it takes longer to make decisions, recognise opportunities and ensure you’re on the path to success.

3. Empowers you to make better business decisions
Having a finger on the pulse of your finances is crucial in making informed decisions.

Whether you need to bring on new team members but need to know if you have the available budget or you’re struggling to get a sense of your cash flow, Xero makes it easy to have quick, accurate insight and data to support decision-making.

4. Provides a foundation for your business to grow
Without accounting software like Xero in your corner, your business is at risk of failing to grow at its true potential.

Xero is the perfect place to begin business growth

Xero is the perfect place to begin business growth

Even if you’re not in a space where you can justify bringing on accounting support to handle all your finances, having Xero in your corner is the best thing you can do to grow and improve your business.

If you’re looking for comprehensive accounting support that isn’t weighed down with cost and unnecessary inclusions, contact us today to find out about our streamlined services.

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