ATO data matching programs — share transactions and selling on eBay

The ATO has given notice of two data matching programs, one relating to online selling and the other to share transactions.

Online selling data matching program

Online selling data matching program

Under the online selling data matching program, the ATO will obtain data from eBay Australia and New Zealand Pty Ltd (operator of the Australian eBay website) identifying online selling account holders with annual trading activity that amounts to $12,000 or more during the 2015/16 to the 2017/18 income years.

The ATO expects that it will receive from 20,000 to 30,000 records, about half of which are expected to relate to individuals.

Share transaction data matching program

Under the share transaction data matching program, data will be obtained from the following sources:

  • Link Market Services Limited
  • Computershare Limited
  • Australian Securities Exchange Limited
  • Boardroom Pty Ltd
  • Advanced Share Registry Services Pty Ltd
  • Security Transfer Registrars Pty Ltd
  • Automic Registry Services (Automic Pty Ltd).

The ATO will seek data from these sources on share transactions handled by those sources from 20 September 1985 to 30 June 2018. The data sought will include identities of buyers and sellers, share sale price and quantities of shares acquired or disposed of.

If you have any questions or enquires, please contact:

Norman Ruan
T: 02 9984 7774

Martin van der Saag
T: 02 9984 7774

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