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    Cayle Petritsch

    Cayle Petritsch

    Director and Wealth Advisor

    “I truly believe the earlier you can take control of your superannuation, the better off you will be in the long term and it’s my job to help people with their super, with their life savings… I’m here to guide them through complex legislation and help them better invest their money.

    Not many people know that besides the family home… superannuation is the second largest asset you will ever have.”

    Cayle joined North Advisory in 2015 after many years’ experience in various corporate financial organisations. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Chartered Accountant degree as well as the SMSF Specialist Adviser qualification through the SMSF Association.

    He first met Martin through an extended education course. Once the course was complete, Martin approached him to join the team.

    There was a great opportunity to expand North Advisory’s services into superannuation management and Cayle jumped at the chance.

    “At the time I was working in the city, and being a Northern Beaches local, the commute could take well over an hour. It was a no-brainer for me really… such a great opportunity to start building this side of the business… I couldn’t say no.

    I’ve now been with the firm for over four years and it’s been a great journey so far.”

    Cayle knows that the success of a self-managed fund relies on close client relationships. He is ready to talk with clients at any time. North Advisory’s service is far more personalised than that of a retail superannuation fund.

    We know our clients… we know their lifestyle and we know their retirement goals. Plus, we know how their business is going so we help them manage their super appropriately.

    “I really enjoy helping our clients… discussing their plans, answering questions, considering tax strategies. I’m always focused on maximising the amount of wealth they will have going into their retirement.”

    Financial planning and wealth protection are key areas of the business that Cayle oversees. In his director role he is keen to grow this service and help more people achieve their dream retirement.

    Weekends for Cayle are always busy… filled with motorbike rides along winding roads or Sydney Swans’ AFL matches.

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