Cayle Petritsch

Director and Wealth Advisor

Director and Wealth Advisor

“I help our clients with their super, assets and wealth accumulation strategies that complement their business activities and give them the confidence that they’re building towards wealth and stability.

I guide business owners through complex legislation, protect their personal and business finances and help them better utilise their money.

Cayle Petritsch, Director and Wealth Advisor, works with our existing clients who have recognised the importance of business owners making strategic financial choices not only for their company, but for their personal finances too.

Cayle saw a great opportunity to expand North Advisory’s services into SMSF/superannuation, personal wealth management, asset protection services and other crucial personal finance facets that business owners need to consider.

His approach to wealth management allows you to receive highly personalised wealth advice. Working closely with Marius, Cayle understands the unique needs of every client, from their lifestyle and business goals to their retirement plans.

Cayle’s ability to pair business finances with personal gives clients the chance to access a rare yet seamless strategy for accounting and wealth accumulation.

“I really enjoy helping our clients… discussing their plans, answering questions, considering tax strategies. I’m always focused on maximising the amount of wealth they will have going into their retirement.”

Cayle shares his extensive knowledge with clients, ensuring he’s available to answer any questions they might have. He supports clients in becoming more financially confident across areas of personal finance, like estate planning, family wealth structures and asset and wealth protection.

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