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The accounting landscape for small and medium business enterprises has changed dramatically over the past few years and along with it the software used to manage businesses.

The health care industry is no exception. Gone are the days where the appointment booking system, invoice generating, staff management and accounting software were stand-alone products that needed to be reconciled.

We at North Advisory have kept a close eye on the development and evolution of these products and have been well and truly astounded with the leaps and bounds at which these products have grown along with the efficiency and time savings they provided to our clients over the past few years.


Cliniko is a robust health care practice software package that can schedule appointments, manage multiple locations and multiple staff practitioners. It runs on a browser wherever and whenever you have an internet connection accessible.

It also enables online bookings via your website so bookings can be made 24/7 without a need for a telephone call.


Cliniko also has a great invoicing system where you can invoice and accept payments for services provided on the spot. For us, this is where the real magic happens because Cliniko integrates seamlessly with accounting software like Xero. Invoices get added automatically and payments are recorded. This enables accountants to have up to date BAS and financial reporting figures with no importing, converting and coding of transactions.

BAS and Financial Reports

Xero as an accounting software package is a revolution.

  • It prepares BAS, tax and financial reports automatically;
  • Bank reconciliations take a fraction of time through real time integration with the banks;
  • Cliniko integration ensures that your accounts receivable balances are perfectly up to date; and
  • It has the easiest payroll system of any software we have ever used.

Now is the time to seriously consider moving your practice into a fully integrated system if you haven’t already. It will save you mountains of time and money and move your practice into the future.

If you want to have a closer look at Cliniko please go to and Xero

If you have any questions regarding Cliniko or Xero please do not hesitate to contact

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