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Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards

Managing Accountant Tax Specialist

“I love making things as easy as possible for all of our clients and seeing the difference our work at North Advisory makes to our clients’ businesses…

…in fact to their entire lives.

My particular area of expertise and passion is taxation law. We cover such a broad range of taxes and industries at North Advisory, so we are constantly keeping abreast of any changes in every area of tax law.

When we apply our deep understanding of complex taxation law to our clients’ businesses we’re able to create a lot of opportunities for them, opportunities that would otherwise have been missed.

It’s exciting forming such close relationships with our clients and using our cloud-based technology to make the accounting process as seamless as possible.”

Kim is a Chartered Accountant who joined us in 2012 after completing his accounting and finance double degree at Macquarie University.

He is also a Chartered Taxation Advisor… which basically means he knows a lot more about tax than most accountants do!

As our ‘go-to’ tax guy, Kim regularly corresponds with the ATO and ASIC on behalf of our clients. He works on a broad range of tax matters, making sure everything complies with the relevant legislation.

Kim also has excellent research skills and he loves to scour the literature on complex tax issues for senior team members.

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