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    More than just an Accountant

    After having the same accountant for many years, Debbie Boyce faced the difficult task of finding a replacement service provider.

    Her longstanding, somewhat conservative, accountant was retiring and she knew it was time to partner with someone new.

    “I interviewed so many different accountants… but none of them were the right fit. Some wanted to charge me twice as much for half the amount of service, others just didn’t feel like they’d be a good match. I needed someone who was really going to help me.”

    But when Debbie’s daughter suggested she contact Marius and the team at North Advisory, she knew she’d found exactly what she needed.

    Growing her wealth

    Growing her wealth

    Debbie has worked in senior management within the same organisation for more than 20 years. She has watched the business grow from 20 employees to 2000, and through the success of the company she has accumulated considerable wealth.

    The offer of stock options gave her the opportunity to secure her financial future, but the complexity of her finances requires the skills of a professional team. Debbie tells us,

    “You can’t structure your taxes if everything’s happening so fast and if your wealth increases rapidly. I had a family trust and I had my self-managed super fund… I am transitioning to retirement so I also set up a company as an investment company, plus I have ‘Debbie Boyce’ the legal entity. So, everything was getting complicated.”

    Not just crunching numbers

    Not just crunching numbers

    From the moment Debbie started working with North Advisory she was impressed with their service. As accountants, they have the ability to keep all of her finances in excellent order, but as advisors they offer something more.

    “When I first spoke to Marius, I really liked the way their services were structured… the way they put my proposal together… I felt that they really wanted to partner with me and support me as I continue to grow… and not just be crunching numbers all the time.

    So now I have my personal tax managed by them, as well as my investment company. They oversee my self-managed super fund and I have two separate Xero accounts for my separate legal entities.

    The holistic service that they provide has been really beneficial. Not to mention how they have removed the hours and hours of administration that I used to have to do in excel spreadsheets!”

    Readily available

    Readily available

    One of the key differences Debbie experiences with the team at North Advisory is their availability and willingness to chat. She knows that whenever she has a question there will be someone ready to talk to her and discuss options or address her concerns.

    “I can ring them at any time… and can have a chat with them about anything… and they don’t send me a bill for $295!

    I am one of those people… I want to talk to my accountant throughout the year, not just at tax-time. You need to know where you are. You need to have an understanding of your financial affairs and how the choices you make might impact. They always offer me balanced advice that suits my situation. The integrity of the organisation and their individual morals really stand out to me. They actually want to help people.”

    Continued relationship

    Continued relationship

    Debbie is confident that her relationship with Marius, Cayle and everyone at North Advisory will continue well into the future… even to the extent that she intends to connect her family with the firm.

    “I hope that it’s a relationship that encompasses my whole family. I’m planning to introduce my children so they know who they need to speak to, should something go wrong.

    I’ve set up my will and my enduring power of attorney… you need to be prepared for any situation.”

    And through her partnership with North Advisory, Debbie certainly is well prepared. To find out how the team at North Advisory can help with your personal accounting, contact us today.

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