Marius Fourie

Director and Business Advisor

Director and Business Advisor

“You might not think that finance is a family trait… but my grandfather was an accountant, and so was my dad, so finance and accounting are in my blood!

It was almost inevitable, and I’ve never considered anything else.”

As Director and Business Advisor, Marius uses his accounting expertise and empathetic skills to work directly with business owners and help them feel at ease with their finances.

Marius saw a common need in clients that just wasn’t being met by accounting providers.

That need was for clear, open communication and streamlined accounting services that didn’t come padded out with any unnecessary features.

Business owners just don’t have time to compare different accounting firms to see which one has the best packages with the best inclusions (many of which they would pay for but never use).

So, Marius created a personalised approach to business accounting services that would empower clients with an uncluttered accounting solution that saves both money and time, seamlessly supported by technology and expert advice.

That expert advice is provided directly by Marius. He concentrates on client growth, supporting you with answers to major business decisions and sharing his insights to help you achieve financial goals and optimise your business for success.

Working with Marius supports you to feel at ease that he’s got all the accounting covered so you can have more space in your day to focus on the tasks that will help your business grow.

“I work closely with each client as a trusted advisor, helping them through all major business decisions – especially when it comes to the overall vision or direction of their business.

North Advisory becomes an intrinsic part of their organisation, providing high-level strategic advice and highly efficient financial support. We are much more than just a standard accounting firm.”

To find out how Marius can help give you peace of mind and guide your business growth, contact us today.

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