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    Marius Fourie

    Marius Fourie

    Director and Business Advisor

    “You might not think that finance is a family trait… but my grandfather was an Accountant… my dad was an Accountant as well and later moved into a CEO role, so finance and accounting are in my blood!

    It was almost inevitable, and I’ve never considered anything else.”

    Marius recognised that he had a talent for numbers early on and that led to him following the Chartered Accountant path. He graduated from university in South Africa and came to Australia in 2008. Even though his South African degree was recognised here, he chose to undertake his Australian Chartered Accountant qualifications to maximise his knowledge and guarantee his skills were locally appropriate.

    Marius and Martin met in 2012 and immediately realised they had very similar professional outlooks and values.

    “We instantly got along… we sat down and discussed our philosophies about business and accounting and that was that. When I joined North Advisory, I was tasked with developing client relationships and focusing on business growth. We have always recognised that our relationships are the most important thing.”

    Marius helps to keep your mind at ease, reassuring his clients that the accounting and administrative sides of their business are taken care of so that they can keep their focus on their business and overall profitability.

    “I work closely with clients as a trusted advisor. I help them through all major business decisions… especially when it comes to the overall vision or direction for the business.

    I provide clarity about what they can and can’t do and highlight what they should be thinking about… rather than the day to day accounting. I support them at a higher level with strategic advice.

    North Advisory is an intrinsic part of their organisation. We are much more than just a standard service provider.”

    Daily motivation comes from running a successful business. Marius takes pride in North Advisory’s prosperity and looks to the future for continued triumphs.

    “For me, to see clients making their business a success… that is why we do this … I like to help a client truly excel. Because North Advisory is a medium business too, we know the issues they face… we’ve experienced them ourselves and we’ve found solutions… having that understanding is invaluable.”

    Being part of the team that digitally transformed the firm, Marius knows we have a cutting-edge technology stack that will carry us into the future.

    “We saw the digital revolution coming… we embraced it and now we are on the other side at the forefront. I want North Advisory to climb up through general business circles… recognised for providing exceptional value and a service that exceeds all expectations.”

    Marius is a dedicated family man with two young children. On the weekend you will find him either cooking a barbeque or strumming a guitar… both of which he does with great skill.

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