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Martin van der Saag

Martin van der Saag

Founder and Strategic Advisor

“There’s nothing I love more than working in partnership with our clients to make their businesses more profitable.

“I especially enjoy the challenge of delivering complex tax and business structuring advice because I get to see both the immediate and lasting impact this advice has on our client’s business growth…and their personal wealth.”

As owner of North Advisory, Martin’s focus also lies in training and supporting his team, always ensuring everyone is fully abreast of the latest changes to tax law and accounting software.

Martin is also qualified to provide financial planning and investment advice through North Advisory’s Accountant’s Private Advice service.

“Every week begins with a team meeting to discuss how any changes to tax or superannuation law will affect our clients. We also review individual client’s cases, to resolve any issues and ensure we’re always proactively helping all of our clients, regardless of whether they’re a local tradie, a thriving medical practice or a large medium-sized business dealing with international clients.

“We pride ourselves on our online accounting systems which ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible and the entire team can work together.

“We’re extremely pro-active and we’re one of the first accounting firms to use cloud-based accounting software. We are constantly looking for new opportunities that will benefit our clients, increase efficiency and help us to help them.”

Martin graduated with a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney 1981. He is a Chartered Accountant and has been with North Advisory since 1982 as employee and as the business owner since 1989.

Marius Fourie

Marius Fourie

Director and Business Advisor

“Interaction with our clients in my role as account manager is by far the most rewarding and important aspect of my job at North Advisory.

“I always prioritise the client because I understand just how important that level of engagement is.

Whether you have a simple question that requires an immediate answer or you’re looking for specialized advice for a more specific problem, I love to help.

“Our tailored cloud-based accounting systems not only provide me with instant access to your financial situation whenever you need help…

…they also free up my time to allow me to focus on providing proactive and strategic business advice for your business.

“I get huge satisfaction in helping a business start-up and then watching it flourish with our advice and support. I love it when clients realise it’s not as complicated as they thought it was and see a new way of doing things. Then once we can focus on advice all of a sudden the whole outlook of a business can change for the better and that’s incredibly rewarding.”

Marius Fourie joined North Advisory in 2012 after studying accounting and commerce in South Africa then working in business accounting firms in South Africa and Sydney.

A self-professed tech head, Marius relaxes by playing music and enjoys family life.

Cayle Petritsch

Cayle Petritsch

Director and Wealth Advisor

“There’s a lot of talk about how hard SMSF is, but I actually don’t believe it.”

“If you have the right accountant managing your SMSF they will completely take away that burden for you.”

“As North Advisory’s dedicated SMSF specialist my job is simple.”

“I help you save for your retirement by providing innovative solutions and creating strategies…

…so you can stop worrying about managing your super and get on with enjoying your money.”

“Perhaps the most exciting aspect of my job is the ability we now have to offer complete wealth solutions with our Accountants Private Advice service.”

“You no longer need to have relationships with a separate financial planner, stockbroker and accountant.”

“We can take care of your SMSF, manage your investments, protect your assets with the correct insurance and tailor a financial plan to protect and grow your wealth.”

Cayle Petritsch is our dedicated SMSF specialist who also provides our Accountants Private Advice service. He is a chartered accountant who has worked solely in Super since 2005, is SPAA qualified and passionate about ensuring you get the maximum possible benefit from your SMSF fund.

Cayle works closely with the rest of the North Advisory team to offer seamless and efficient management of your financial affairs.

Judy She

Judy She

Managing Accountant Corporate Specialist

“I’m always looking for ways to help our clients become more efficient, as well as ways to solve their problems.

So for example if the best way to help someone is to teach them to do their BAS through their Xero accounting system then that’s what I do!

“North Advisory has a large variety of clients from many different industries which keeps my work exciting and varied. I have a large amount of responsibility here and really enjoy working directly with our clients.

“I love helping mentor the younger members of the team, as well as scheduling the staff training to keep all of our team up to date with the latest developments in tax law.

“This is a friendly place to work.”

“Everyone talks to each other and there are no closed doors. We have a really supportive culture where we all help each other. Also the standards are high – we all take pride in our work.

“Most of our business comes from referral – I guess happy clients tell other people about our services!”

Judy She is has been a Chartered Accountant since 2010. She graduated from Macquarie University in 2005 before joining North Advisory in 2011.

Judy enjoys playing the piano and the outdoor Northern Beaches lifestyle.

Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards

Managing Accountant Tax Specialist

“I love making things as easy as possible for all of our clients and seeing the difference our work at North Advisory makes to our client’s businesses…

…in fact to their entire lives.

“My particular area of expertise and passion is taxation law. We cover such a broad range of taxes and industries at North Advisory so we are constantly keeping abreast of any changes in every area of tax law.

“When we apply our deep understanding of complex taxation law to our client’s businesses we’re able to create a lot of opportunities for them, opportunities that would otherwise have been missed.

“It’s exciting forming such close relationships with our clients and using our cloud-based technology to make the accounting process as seamless as possible.”

Kim is a chartered accountant who joined us in 2012 after completing his accounting and finance double degree at Macquarie University.

He is also a chartered taxation advisor…which basically means he knows a lot more about tax than most accountants do!

As our ‘go-to’ tax guy, Kim regularly corresponds with the ATO and ASIC on behalf of our clients. He works in a broad range of tax matters and making sure everything complies with the relevant legislation.

Kim also has excellent research skills and he loves to scour the literature on complex tax issues for senior team members.

Norman Ruan

Norman Ruan

Managing Accountant Tax Specialist

“I’m proud to work at North Advisory because of the incredibly high standard of work we deliver to our clients.

The team at North Advisory are supportive and fun–I really enjoy working here.”

“As well as preparing SMSF statements and BAS returns for our clients, as the youngest member of our team I also enjoy looking after our social media and content marketing.”

Norman has been part of our team since 2010 and he completed his Economics Degree from UNSW in 2014.

Ros Martin

Ros Martin

Administration Team

“I try to help our clients in every way I can and aim to deliver above their expectations.

So if I know a client prefers printed documents rather than an email, I’ll send a letter.

Or if I can help a family with an ASIC issue at a difficult time I will.

“I know that every day I make things a little smoother for our clients and the team and that makes me happy.”

Ros is the smiling face you’ll see in reception and the friendly voice you’ll hear on the phone.

She’s been with North Advisory since 1989.

Ros is very skilled at directing your phone call to the right person.

She can often solve simple problems herself, but if the matter is more complex she knows who to put you through to.

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