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    Personal Wealth Management

    Choosing a financial planner is probably one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make.

    Within our personal wealth management service, one trusted financial specialist provides you with both your accounting and financial planning services.

    This saves you time and money.

    It also allows us to look after your wealth building in a holistic way because we have a deep understanding of your personal and business finances… and all the information we need at our fingertips.

    Greater choice of investments with substantially lower fees

    Greater choice of investments with substantially lower fees

    We directly partner with a firm that invests on your behalf. They’re very, very good at placing investments, because that’s all they do all day.

    Your managed discretionary account allows you to invest in sophisticated investments previously only offered to big investors, allowing you to choose exactly what you want to invest in, wherever you want in the world… at a very affordable fee.

    Traditional financial planners only provide you with a report every six months; however, your personal dashboard always provides you with an instant report on your investments on your screen… and you also have the option of talking directly to your Financial Adviser over the phone.

    Why use your accountant for financial planning advice?

    Why use your accountant for financial planning advice?

    Skill level and qualifications

    Our accountants who have qualified as financial planners have their financial planning certification in addition to their accounting degrees and CPA qualifications, whereas traditional financial planners only hold their financial planning certification.

    Tax expertise

    There’s a common misconception that financial planning is all about insurance and investments, however tax planning is an equally essential aspect of your financial plan.

    We understand the tax implications of our financial planning advice as well as being able to identify any financial planning opportunities that sit behind our tax advice.

    Clarity and consistency

    When you use us as your financial planner you ensure clarity and consistency and ensure that all aspects of your wealth management are being monitored and maximised.

    No more worrying about intricate and complex information being inadvertently lost in translation.

    More choice of investments

    Our software gives you access to a range of investments both locally and overseas. We partner with firms that look after your investments for you and you can make informed decisions, choosing exactly where you want to invest your money. We can also offer you a broader range and greater choice in investments, you have greater choice and more control over your investments.

    Trusted advisor

    When it comes to you and your family’s financial security, it really makes sense to use an experienced financial advisor you know and trust… a financial advisor who already has a deep understanding of your finances and a proven track record of wealth management.

    Our team at North Advisory can now look after every aspect of your financial security, including superannuation – SMSF and financial planning advice.

    Ready to think beyond your tax return?

    Our personal wealth management service is the future of financial planning. If you’re ready to save on time, save on fees and think beyond your tax return… talk to us now.

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