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    How a financial advisor is helpful at any age

    Posted by Northadvisory on August 26, 2020

    Financial advisory for any ageNo matter how young or how old you are, you can benefit from professional advice when it comes to managing your wealth and finances. Unless you work within the financial industry, it’s quite possible that you’ve never had any formal education around money management. And there are some key moments throughout your life where having guidance from a financial advisor can be extremely helpful. Choices made in these moments can mean the difference between ‘just getting by’ and really ‘living comfortably’.

    It’s not just all about retirement… there could be many opportunities throughout your life where you can build your wealth and find ways to make your money work harder for you. Making smart financial decisions at any age, will help create success for your future self.

     Financial advisor twentiesWhen you are twenty…

    In your twenties you are likely to be completing study and moving into the workforce. Your first real salary is a true cause for celebration… but don’t celebrate it all away. These are the years when you can lay a strong foundation for wealth building. Forming good saving habits in your twenties will stick with you over the years to come and even though it might sound cliched, you will eventually thank yourself for the efforts you make now.

    Seeking advice about superannuation is also an important task during this decade. Rather than defaulting to your employer’s chosen fund, take the time to research your options and commit to making small additional personal contributions, as this is a great way to invest in your future while also being a beneficial tax strategy.

    If, during these years, you embark on creating your own business, it’s recommended that you seek professional advice with regards to sole trader or company business structures and their tax implications. Being your own boss comes with many more obligations than being someone else’s employee.

    Financial advisor thirtiesWhen you are thirty…

    Your thirties are often when your responsibilities step up to the next level. Career advancement, marriage, property ownership and maybe even children will have an impact on your financial situation and you need to make sure you are prepared. A financial advisor can help you successfully navigate all of these lifestyle changes.

    For example, an advisor can help you adjust your financial strategies to include your spouse, especially when it comes to superannuation. Or they can help with guidance around estate planning and income insurances. All of which are critical when you have a family to support and mortgage commitments.

    Financial advisor fortiesWhen you are forty…

    Often your forties are peak career years, where you have considerable earning power. But these can also be financially expensive years… especially if you have children at school. Fees, extra-curricular activities and general expenses can accumulate quickly. This is where a financial advisor can provide you with professional budgeting advice and also find tax effective strategies within investments and other wealth management activities.

    Plus, these are the years when it is imperative that you have wealth protection in place. If you were to divorce or experience other significant changes within your lifestyle, you don’t want to risk financial instability.

    Financial advisor fiftiesWhen you are fifty…

    Reaching your fifties starts your countdown to retirement and if you haven’t engaged the services of a financial advisor in the past, then it is crucial you do so now. These are the years that you want to reduce your debt and ideally amplify your equity. You don’t want to still be paying mortgage repayments when you are on a reduced retirement income.

    It’s also the time to seek sound investment advice and focus on boosting your superannuation as much as possible. Every additional contribution you can afford during this period will make your retirement that much more enjoyable. Consider how much you need to retire and work towards that goal.

    Depending on your financial position, you might also be considering moving to part-time work towards the latter half of this decade and if you are well prepared it can be a satisfying transition.

    Financial advisor sixtiesWhen you are sixty and beyond…

    As you enter your sixties, it’s imperative that you have a solid plan for your retirement. A financial advisor can help you understand how to manage your savings and superannuation over the coming years. Professional advice can help minimise your stress and make sure you are well-positioned for the next phase of your life.

    Reviewing your will and estate planning should be a priority. And it’s important that you secure access to adequate funds should you need to make a decision about aged care or other services in the future.

    Here at North Advisory, we pride ourselves on our commitment to your financial security. As your trusted partner, we’re with you every step of the way… protecting your wealth and providing a complete range of financial solutions. If you’d like to find out more about our financial advisor services, contact our team today. Read more Personal Wealth Management articles.

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