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    The right Business Accountant for Brilliant Digital

    From the minute she met the team, Deb Croucher knew that North Advisory was the answer to her business accounting needs.

    Over the past ten years they have helped her build her small digital marketing business into an industry leader.

    “They’ve just always had the right advice at the right time… they clearly have a huge amount of experience and know exactly how to help you navigate business growth.”

    The Local accountant

    The Local accountant

    Deb started Brilliant Digital in 2009 with the goal of creating a flexible business that would enable her to be a dedicated parent to her young daughter. In her previous career she gained extensive knowledge through building her own business website and she recognised the potential opportunity within the digital marketing space.

    As a new start-up, Deb knew she needed to find a business accountant who could help her in the early stages and North Advisory was there from the very beginning. Deb tells us,

    “I was incredibly lucky to find North Advisory! I lived on the Northern Beaches and when I started looking for a service provider… they were my local accountant.

    They helped me with my initial start-up phase… they even set up my first ABN. At the time I didn’t realise just how lucky I was to have found them.

    The service I have received over the years has always been impressive. Initially I started working with Martin and then Marius, when he joined the business. I have always received absolutely clear, solid advice at a level that I can understand and is most useful to me.

    Ros and everyone else that has touched my account, continually provide great service. Everything is always done on time and I feel they are completely reliable.”

    Small business challenges

    Small business challenges

    Small businesses often face challenges as they grow and Deb has faced her fair share. She continues,

    “I’ve been through most of the problems that business owners go through… so initially I relied on North Advisory to help me understand what I really needed to know. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by figures, they gave me clarity and enabled me to focus on the numbers that were important.

    Then once I’d got the ball rolling and the business was growing, I had to deal with cash flow problems. Their advice was invaluable… they guided me through the best way to manage the accounts… strategies for how to invoice, how to structure payments and everything to make sure that we were being paid on time. This meant there was always cash to pay our team and our suppliers.

    Plus, they moved me on to Xero straight away. I was a very early adopter of Xero and they’ve helped to improve the reporting, together with our inhouse accountant.

    They make sure that everything is customised. The system is so easy that with one press of a button we have custom reports that tell us exactly what we need to know.

    Recently Marius has worked with me through an integration into Workflow Max, which is a system to help us quote jobs end to end. We manage an account for the life of the job, quoting, measuring hours and reporting so that we can see clearly whether our quotation structure is right. This gives us incredible transparency that will support us as we continue to move forward.

    When I went through a business partnership break up, they gave me extremely valuable advice. It was a really stressful time and they helped me navigate a path that I felt morally comfortable with. I tried to do the least damage to the business, to the team, to everyone concerned, to get out of it and move forward with our lives… the team at North Advisory was really supportive through that.”

    Big picture thinkers

    Big picture thinkers

    Unlike many other accountants, the team at North Advisory has the big picture in mind. Deb believes that they are always able to give her advice that far exceeds that of a regular accountant. She explains,

    “From past experience I believe a lot of accountants think small… they only think about the numbers; they have their heads down and they look backwards. Martin, Marius and Cayle are big picture thinkers.

    They are always looking forward and they genuinely have a big picture in mind for the business.

    When I meet with them – yes, we will talk numbers, but we don’t get bogged down in it. Their ability to look forward really sets them apart.

    Because they have so much experience between them, I know when it comes time for us to look into buying a business premises, or we want to review our superannuation… we know we can get comprehensive advice for our entire situation.

    This will include all the business financials, as well as our family situation. Brilliant Digital is a family business… we have daughters working in the business so we need to know the best way to structure everything… taking into consideration the family and looking at our personal wealth as well as the business. Knowing North Advisory can support us has been great and will continue to be helpful well into the future.”

    Into the future

    Into the future

    The relationship between Brilliant Digital and North Advisory is undoubtedly very strong and Deb knows she will rely on their advice and guidance for years to come.

    “Of course business accounting is their primary focus, but there are many other things they can help with. They can really relieve some of the stress you feel when running a business.

    They already look after the administration of our self managed super fund (SMSF) and they will continue to be our accounting partners.

    I would expect that in the next ten years or so we will look to exit the business and we’ll need a solid strategy around that.

    I’m sure they will help us work through that exit strategy and I’m already completely confident that they will be supporting us during that process.

    I really like that we have a continuous relationship… I don’t have to wait for a meeting to talk to Marius. If I have a problem I need help with, I can give him a call and a two-minute phone call will give me my answer, then I can get on with the next thing in front of me. Their accessibility is fantastic.”

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