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    Martin van der Saag

    Martin van der Saag

    Founder and Strategic Advisor

    “The needs of North Advisory clients today are different to what they were five years ago… and even more different to what they were ten years ago… that’s the focus that I have… it’s important to continually evolve, change and adapt to provide value to our clients.”

    For over 30 years, Martin has been providing professional financial services to North Advisory clients.

    He is a trusted advisor to many, and he truly cares about the relationships he has forged over the years. He understands that professional skills are imperative to business operations but for the organisation to grow, they must be partnered with adept communication skills.

    There is an art to building strong client relationships and Martin’s commitment is a key part of North Advisory’s continued success.

    “We are very good technically in our tax knowledge, but to accompany that we have to be able to communicate complex concepts to people who are running businesses… that’s the skill that I’ve spent a lot of time developing and mentoring within our team.”

    When Martin first started university, he was enrolled in a computer science degree… but he quickly realised that he wanted to work with people rather than motherboards… so he moved over to a Bachelor of Economics. But his recognition of the power computers would hold in our present life never faded and he has carried his passion for technology through his entire accountancy career.

    A pioneer in all things digital, Martin has always urged our clients to embrace advanced tech solutions and we are proud of how innovative we are… North Advisory utilises the most cutting-edge systems available in the market and we never stop assessing new tools.

    Today, Martin’s ability to offer sound financial advice and his dedication to his clients continue to be his key motivation.

    “It’s great to see businesses grow from the small start-up phase to become profitable enterprises. Plus, mapping out investment plans so that clients retain the wealth they’ve made and live comfortably in retirement… I really like being part of that.”

    In handing over the reins of the business to Marius and Cayle, Martin is keen to see the firm continue to thrive and prosper.

    “I know we will respond to the changing needs of business clients… that we will keep pushing forward. North Advisory has always been at the head of the wave… not carried along by it, where you end up dumped on the beach.”

    When Martin isn’t in the office you can find him on the golf course or on the farm managing his herd of Angus cattle.

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